BEDROCK Construction

Bedrock Construction & Development is a locally owned and managed business registered in South Australia.

Our Company has a broad range of building experience with clients from all three sectors of the commercial side of construction and development as well as working on 5 Star Hotels and Luxury Homes.

The team at Bedrock have a broad portfolio of successful jobs and satisfied customers.

We pride ourselves on operating within the construction industry best practice standards applicable to compliance, licensing and health and safety.

Core Values


We want our customers to be satisfied and happy (and say good things to others about us).


Without this we might as well be selling used cars.


If we say we will do something we will do it- or what’s the point in saying it ?


We perform and do our best in everything we do.

Our Process

Value Management

Got a budget we can help you make it work.

Taking control of Design and Construction

Need design or design management - we do that too.

Producing a quality product on time

Everyone says it.. But we do it..

Latest Works

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What Customers Say

Great Operators, offering great value for money, with great results for this 5 star hotel chain.
Paul DIaz
Senior Engineer/ Project Lead, Stamford Hotels Group
We entrusted our significant personal financial investment with bedrock to help develop our family dream home with Award winning Architect Williams Burton- the final product was breathtaking.
Tim Binks
Chief Operating Officer, Argo Investments
We are proud to be a development partner with Bedrock in our commercial and residential development in Campbeltown.
Joe Carbone
Director, Carbone and Associates
We started out being a trusted trade for Bedrock Construction, and are now partnering with them in a construction and development project in Prospect.
Frank Arslanagic
Director, Croydon Roofing
We recommend Bedrock as a trusted builder to our partners and clients of our award winning architecture firm.
Alberto D'andrea
Director, D'andrea & Associates